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Dr. Kathleen Fuller, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist and also an Expert in the Study of Human Adaptation, offers Seminars and Workshops on Diversity and Adaptation Topics.


Diversity Specialist

Diversity Specialist

Schedule a Seminar or Workshop to improve the Diversity Climate in your organization. This will increase the ability of your organization to adapt effectively to change in the 21st century.

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During her career as a Diversity Specialist, Dr. Fuller has been:

  •  Diversity Team Leader at Johnson County Community College, Kansas
  • Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in Medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • Member of the Diversity Advisory Council at the University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Member of the Equity and Inclusion Commission at Maple Woods Community College, Missouri   Equity and Inclusion Commission




Dr. Fuller has given many seminars and lectures on diversity-related topics to a wide variety of audiences:

  • The Effect of the Essentialist Paradigm on Health Care. American Association of Physical Anthropologists Conference, Kansas City, MO
  • Case Studies in Diversity and Service Learning: The Nicodemus Project and HPPI: K-12.  American Association of Colleges and Universities Conference on Diversity and Learning, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Effect of Maternal UVB Radiation Deprivation on Pregnancy and Parturition. American Association of Physical Anthropologists Conference, San Antonio, TX
  • Thinking Outside The Box on Diversity. Child Development Unit, University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • Has the Sun Set on Optimal Health? CME presentation to South Florida Dermatologists, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Human Physical Diversity and Personal Identity. Texas Christian University Conference on Inclusiveness, Fort Worth, TX
  • Passive vs. Active/Proactive Diversity in the Curriculum.  Diversity in Teaching and Learning in American Higher Education, San Diego, CA
  • Pigmentation and ‘Race’. Center of Excellence Day, Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity, University of Kansas School of Medicine.
  • Race and Healthcare. Students Educating and Advocating for Diversity, University of Kansas School of Medicine.
  • Diversity, Not Divisiveness.  Central States Anthropological Society, Kansas City, MO
  • Cultural Competency in Medicine. Students Educating and Advocating for Diversity, University of Kansas School of Medicine.

Over the past 25 years, she has taught a wide variety of diversity-related courses.  These include:

  • Doing Diversity: Anthropology in the Classroom
  • Variety: The Spice of Life: Human Physical Diversity
  • Diversity and Cultural Competency in Medicine
  • Individual Tapestries, Common Threads: Multiracial Humans
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Physical Anthropology

See the Research Tab for a list of Dr. Fuller’s Scientific Articles.

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  1. Dr. Fuller,
    This has been one of the best classes I have ever taken. I have always taken all my studies seriously, but this is the first class I have really enjoyed and have been excited to sit in class each day. All throughout my high school years and college years, I can say I have never soaked up as much information that a professor has taught. I am over-joyed I got the opportunity to spend this semester learning with a great teacher, and I’m excited to see if I have a future doing something in this field. Thank you for your time and effort toward this class.

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