SubHuman: The E-Book

SubHuman CoverSubhuman: to be less-than-fully human. Who qualifies as fully human? Who gets to decide? What does it mean to treat others as subhuman? The ways in which we differentiate human from subhuman are at the base of many problems we face in science and society.

SubHuman: The Impacts of Racism in Science and Society explores this dilemma in a collection of pointed essays addressing the topics of human origins, slavery, the justice system, and immigration. How we choose to differentiate between human and subhuman creates the framework through which we view the past, act in the present, and prepare for the future.

As a Biological Anthropologist, Dr. Kathleen Fuller has broad and deep knowledge of what it means to be human. She brings this knowledge to this collection of essays; essays that will be the source of many thought-provoking discussions. In addition, the text in the e-book SubHuman: The Impacts of Racism in Science and Society is embedded with multiple hyperlinks providing further information and insights into these important topics.

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