Dr. Kathleen Fuller, Diversity Specialist

Dr. Kathleen Fuller is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist.

Diversity Specialist
Diversity Specialist

During her career as a Diversity Specialist, Dr. Fuller has been:

  •  Diversity Team Leader at Johnson County Community College, Kansas
  • Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in Medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • Member of the Diversity Advisory Council at the University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Member of the Equity and Inclusion Commission at Maple Woods Community College, Missouri   Equity and Inclusion Commission

Dr. Fuller has given many seminars and lectures on diversity-related topics to a wide variety of audiences:

  • The Effect of the Essentialist Paradigm on Health Care. American Association of Physical Anthropologists Conference, Kansas City, MO
  • Case Studies in Diversity and Service Learning: The Nicodemus Project and HPPI: K-12.  American Association of Colleges and Universities Conference on Diversity and Learning, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Effect of Maternal UVB Radiation Deprivation on Pregnancy and Parturition. American Association of Physical Anthropologists Conference, San Antonio, TX
  • Thinking Outside The Box on Diversity. Child Development Unit, University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • Has the Sun Set on Optimal Health? CME presentation to South Florida Dermatologists, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Human Physical Diversity and Personal Identity. Texas Christian University Conference on Inclusiveness, Fort Worth, TX
  • Passive vs. Active/Proactive Diversity in the Curriculum.  Diversity in Teaching and Learning in American Higher Education, San Diego, CA
  • Pigmentation and ‘Race’. Center of Excellence Day, Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity, University of Kansas School of Medicine.
  • Race and Healthcare. Students Educating and Advocating for Diversity, University of Kansas School of Medicine.
  • Diversity, Not Divisiveness.  Central States Anthropological Society, Kansas City, MO
  • Cultural Competency in Medicine. Students Educating and Advocating for Diversity, University of Kansas School of Medicine.

Over the past 30 years, she has taught a wide variety of diversity-related courses.  These include:

  • Doing Diversity: Anthropology in the Classroom
  • Variety: The Spice of Life: Human Physical Diversity
  • Diversity and Cultural Competency in Medicine
  • Individual Tapestries, Common Threads: Multiracial Humans
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Physical Anthropology


  1. Sammy EDITDr. Fuller,
    This has been one of the best classes I have ever taken. I have always taken all my studies seriously, but this is the first class I have really enjoyed and have been excited to sit in class each day. All throughout my high school years and college years, I can say I have never soaked up as much information that a professor has taught. I am over-joyed I got the opportunity to spend this semester learning with a great teacher, and I’m excited to see if I have a future doing something in this field. Thank you for your time and effort toward this class.

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