Dr. Kathleen Fuller, Diversity Specialist

Diversity Specialist

Diversity Specialist

Dr. Kathleen Fuller has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Kansas.  Dr. Fuller is a Specialist on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Issues.  Contact Dr. Fuller to present a Seminar or Workshop on:
White Privilege: What Is It, Really?




Dr. Fuller’s Origin Story:

Map of Moves

Map of Moves
I’ve lived in 9 states and 15 different towns and cities from a tiny town in Iowa to Los Angeles.  All these moves have made me very adaptable and open to new experiences.


Tallahassee Civil Rights March 1971Tallahassee Civil Rights March: 1971.
I marched for workers’ rights with my dad (who was a member of the SCLC) and sister through Tallahassee to the State Capitol.  I was 17.


Kat & Violet Anguilla 12-74Anguilla, BWI 12/74-1/75
I lived for one month on Anguilla with my in-laws. This was decades before Anguilla became a tourist hot-spot.


Near Archaeological Site, Strass, Austria ,7-90Grubgraben, Austria, July 1990.
I spent 4 weeks working as an archaeologist on the Grubgraben paleolithic site in Austria, dating to 20,000 ya.  This photo was taken near the site.

Neolithic Pit in Poland, 8-90Near Krakow, Poland, August 1990
After leaving Austria, I spent 3 weeks in Krakow, Poland working on paleolithic collections at Jagiellonian University and at a neolithic archaeological site.  Poland had just freed itself from the Soviet Union.  Exciting times!


Family Arizona 2006 Tonto Natural Bridge, Arizona 2005
I lived in Arizona for 6 years.  In this photo, I am with my son and grand-daughter.

Adapting to Change in the 21st Century